Our Training Services

Training services aim to give you the necessary strategic and practical knowledge to make sense of the marketing or technology areas you are looking to learn about for your business or organization.

Our training services can be delivered in person or remotely via online meeting formats.

Training Includes:

  • Projector & Screen Provided – We Can Train Anywhere!
  • Session Handouts
  • Access to the Presentations
  • Practical Exercises
  • Training Binders (Full Day and Multiple Day Sessions)
  • Question & Answer Period
  • Follow Up Questions Via Email

Intro Session $140 + tax (2 hours)

Intro Sessions are 2 hours and focus on high level information to get you started or to just give an overview of a topic.  Intro Sessions include short handouts and access to the presentation for review at a later date.

Half Day – $280 + tax (4 hours)

Half Day sessions are meant to take you in deeper into the material you are interested in. They will not always give you all of the practical and strategic skills you need for every part of the topic covered, but they will give you some basic skills to get you started on the right path.

Full Day – $560 + tax (8 hours)

Full Day Sessions are meant to provide a full strategic and practical view of 1 – 2 individual topics or provide an introduction to 5 – 6 individual topics.

Mulitiple Days – Custom Pricing Provided

If you would like to cover a large amount of topics, go in-depth on a few topics or have topics customized specific to your needs then you may need multiple days of training. All multiple day training includes consultation to ensure a custom training path to meet your needs and fit within your time is prepared.

If you are just looking to get started, check out our low cost training sessions.



We offer training on a wide variety of topics around marketing, social media, community management, website management and technology in general. We’ve listed some of the topics below, but please know that all training starts with understanding what is you are looking to learn about and making sure you get the most out of our time spent together.

Social Media

Social Media uses sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others to build an online community where you can build relationships with your customers and potential customers. Social Media has grown exponentially over the last few years, and it is becoming a necessary tool for organizations. Below you will find all the subject areas we can provide training on in any of our formats.

This talks through where social media started, why people are drawn to it and just gives a small introduction to ensure everyone is comfortable with what it is the training will focus on.
Moving into strategy side of the social media discussion, we go through in detail the way to build out the strategic goals of your social media plan, set objectives and start the framework for the rest of the sections
This covers the importance of your brand voice & story as well as how to make sure that is getting across to an online and social audience. In the Design components we look at the setup of pages and accounts to ensure that all areas from profile pictures to the social media bio’s listed help to reinforce your brand story.
Now that your accounts are configured and you have an idea of the strategic path you are looking to follow, we spend some time talking through how we can achieve those goals by using content on your social channels. This includes how to plan in advance for content, how to write content for the channels you are looking to use and how to re-share content you see on other businesses social media accounts.
The other side to social media beyond sharing your own content and information is how to respond when people send you messages or post to your accounts. In the Engagement piece we go through this and also make sure you are 100% prepared for any worse case scenarios with a small touch on Crisis Management for Social Media.
A quick overview of some of the online tools that are available to you that can make using social media, designing content and other daily tasks a little easier to handle.
Now that your accounts are up and running, plus your comfortable with engaging, we look at the organic growth method of social media, which is building that sense of community around your brand to increase the size of your network.
As part of an in-depth look at the paid side of social media, you will learn how to build effective social ads across multiple platforms, learn how to identify viable demographics and review the results from your ads.
Being able to understand the growth of the communities around your social accounts is important and is the only way you will know if you are meeting your objectives. In this section, we will ensure that you feel comfortable accessing all reporting data that is available to you and have the ability to interpret this data.
A social media playbook is a dedicate resource to ensure everything you plan on doing as part of your social media efforts follow the same path. As a dedicated add on to your digital strategy, it goes in depth into how you will engage and manage your social media channels. We include discussing how to deal with the worst scenario’s so your ready for everything.
With all the people from your online community in the room, how do you keep an online audience engaged at your offline events? We talk about all the ways you can expand your offline events online through live tweeting, pictures, videos and other mediums to keep your offline events in the online world.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about using text and visually based materials to help grow your business efforts. If you aren’t a writer or just aren’t sure how to make the most of your online spaces where content is needed, we can help.

Content marketing is all about using the written word to reach your audience and increase your community and reach. We will talk through the high level overview of what content marketing is and how it is used by businesses and organizations.
Content marketing can take a lot of planning and time to build up all the necessary resources to make it successful for your business or organization. We will walk through the purpose of a content strategy and how to build an effective strategy for your needs.
The content that you use on your website can be the only introduction clients have to your business or organization. We will talk through all the ways to make your website content serve your needs best including discussing the needs of proper keywords and search engine optimization.
Blogging can be a great way to produce content to share on your social media accounts and also build a strong loyal community of readers. We will talk through what blogging is, how to create and manage a blog and how to get the most of this content tool.
Creating your own eBook for fiction or non-fiction content can be a great way to share a resource with people that adds a unique, customized value to being connected to your company or organization.
Video and film is becoming one of the main mediums used in online channels to engage with viewers. We will talk about why video is a key format to consider, whether it is right for you and how to actually produce a video or film to be used within your content strategy.
A picture says a thousand words is still a true statement when it comes to content you can use. We’ll talk about the types of images that are worth sharing and how you can curate images that will work for your content strategy.
Whether you are presenting at an event or holding an online webinar, both types of presentations can be used for content that shows off your knowledge. We will talk about the right ways to use presentations and different software that is available to make sure this content easy.
If you are producing interviews, radio broadcasts or podcasts, these audio based files can be a unique way to reach your audience. We will talk about the ways that you can share audio files effectively through online channels and how to measure the impact they create.
Creating and managing content is usually only one piece of your strategy, but distributing it effectively can be a key next step. We will talk about some of the main ways you can share your content out to your audience and some key ways to measure the success.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing focuses on reaching out to your leads, customers and community directly from their inboxes.

Email marketing is one of the largest, direct methods of connecting with people in the online world. We will go over what exactly is email marketing and what it isn’t and also how it can benefit your business or organization.
Before you can effectively more forward, it is sometimes best to know where you are coming from. We will go over the history of email and email marketing to give you an idea of how we reached this point and what we can learn from the evolution of email.
Knowing when it is the right time to use email marketing is just as important as knowing how to practically send emails. We will talk through how to build an email marketing strategy and all the different use cases that you can use email marketing for within your business or organization.
Canada and United States have very specific legal guidelines for communicating via email for commercial purposes. We will go over these guidelines and the methods you can use to stay on the right side of these legal considerations.
Just like most digital marketing areas, email marketing has different software technologies available to make it easier when completing common tasks. We will go over these software options and the benefits they can offer you.
In a sea of email that happens everyday, catching the eye of the reader can be a struggle so having an appropriate design to your emails is key. We will cover all parts of email layout, design techniques and how to make the most out of the design of your emails.
You need to make sure that the content you use in your email will resonate with your audience whether it is images, videos or written words. We will talk through what content you can include and what you should avoid.
Knowing when to send your email can be an important aspect to ensure that you are getting the best chance at getting your email seen. We will talk through the logic behind figuring out when to send your emails. We will also talk about the right frequency to send your emails and avoid being considered spam.
One of the first and ongoing hurdles you will face is getting people to sign up to receive your emails. We will talk through all the ways this is possible in order to find the method or methods that will work best for you.

Website Management

A website can be a business or organization’s main online space to show off all the best things, services and important information about them. It does not have to be something that takes all your time or money to build and maintain.

Do you have an existing website or are looking to build a website for your business, but want to be able to keep control of site yourself? WordPress is a free publishing software and content management system that can be used by even beginner users to create high quality business websites. We will cover all parts of using wordpress to manage or create your business website.
Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to measure your website, app and other digital stats including overall traffic, unique users and demographic data. We will review how this tool can help you with your overall website management and how to use it effectively.