10 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working

78118277_thumbnailSocial Media can be an amazing tool to reach your community of clients or users. It can also feel like you are spending all your time on social media and not seeing any results. If that’s the case for you, here are 10 brutally honest reasons why your social media isn’t working and some thoughts on how to fix it.

phonewithpictures10. Your Pictures/Bio

Those short bio descriptions, square profile pictures and rectangular cover photos are the first elements that people who visit your social media profiles will judge you by. Make sure that the pictures are clear and well-formatted. Make sure your bio is short and informative.

9. Your Spelling & grammar Mistake

That title will drive some people crazy! While we all can’t be perfect all the time in our writing, try to make sure that you double check everything you post. Correct misspellings, watch your grammar and capitalization.

8. Your Posts Are Too Long

Social Media is a quick medium for most. People are scrolling Facebook on breaks from work or checking out twitter on their phones. Save the longer posts for when you have something major to announce, otherwise keep your posts short.

clock7. You Don’t Post When People Are Around

If you are posting at 5:00 AM and none of the people connected to your account are online at that time, then the odds of them seeing or engaging with your content goes down. Make sure you use the built-in tools social networks offer to see when the best time is for you to post to your account.

6. You Just Aren’t Posting

Social Media thrives on engagement and you can’t have engagement unless there is something for people to engage with. Even if it’s just once a week, make sure that you are keeping fresh content on your accounts.

5. You’re On The Wrong Network

Social networks are a little bit like theme parties, sometimes you show up dressed as Batman when everyone else is in their best 80’s gear. It is possible to try to build a community on the wrong network for your business or organization. Do your research, make sure that your clients or users are actually on the network joining it.

specchbubbles4. You Don’t Respond to Anyone

If you aren’t ready to engage or respond to people on your social accounts, that’s completely okay. You will need to set that expectation by adding that information to your bio. Also, if you don’t respond, remember that you can’t expect as much of the engagement that social networks thrive on.

3. You Aren’t Actually Listening To Your Community

Another big piece of social media is not just acknowledging the comments and replies people make, but actually listening to what they are saying. There can be valuable insight provided by your community that you can take full advantage of.

2. You Aren’t Actually Building Your Community

Social media communities rarely just happen. If you aren’t seeing an increase in Likes, Followers or Connections it might be because you aren’t making connections yourself. Spend a little time every day following others, liking pages from yourself and growing your Linkedin network out by connecting with people you know.

1. Social Media Isn’t For Everyone

Social Media is just like any other marketing tool and just because it can bring valuable, it doesn’t mean it is always the #1 answer to everyone’s needs. If you are struggling with social media, but all of your other marketing efforts are successful, then don’t stress over perfecting a channel that just might not be ready for your business or your customers just yet.

If you are struggling with your social media and need some help, don’t wait! Reach out to us today.

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