So, What If You Aren’t A Content Writer?

Pencil Light Bulb Idea ConceptIt’s Victoria Day (a National Canadian Holiday), so many people are out enjoying the sunshine, their families and maybe a few adult beverages. Some of you might be in your office today using it to catch up on work. You might also be avoiding the work of your social media or website content.

The online world can be a scary place if you aren’t as comfortable with the written word. Writing posts for social media, blog posts or even building out content for your webpages can be intimidating if the last time you wrote a public piece of writing was in an essay format.

The good news is that content creation doesn’t have to be that complicated or scary. Here are three quick tips to tackling your content creation.

Keep it Simple

Social Media is often times a quick medium where people will be looking at your posts on their phones or while they are on a break from work. That means it is 100% okay to keep your posts short and simple. Save the longer posts for big announcements.

Use Images, Videos and Links

Using Images, Videos and Links to articles whether your own or ones you find valuable, will help to make your content stand out more. There’s a sea of posts that happen every day so make yours jump out with a little added visual boost.

Write in Advance

The biggest piece of advice that anyone who works in social media and marketing will ever give you is to write everything in advance. Even if it’s just a few short posts for your Twitter and Facebook accounts, having things done ahead will take off all the unnecessary stress.

No matter how you choose to create your content, don’t forget that there are tons of consulting firms, like ours, that can help you if content creation just isn’t your thing. Enjoy the sunshine!

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