Our Story

Generate Creative Consulting believes in changing the conversation of how we think about connecting in the business world, especially in Atlantic Canada. We want to help you connect directly with your audience to make sure your message is seen and heard. While our main method of doing this is through social media, we also know that not everything fits on Twitter or Facebook, so we make sure to advise on all the options that are out there.

Our philosophy is that it there isn’t one solution that will work for everyone, but there is a solution that will work for you. We work by getting to know you and your business goals so that we can make the best recommendation for you. To do this, Generate Creative works to understand what issues you are hitting and your overall process for handling these areas in your business. It’s about working with the resources you have, providing the expertise you need and helping to complete tasks that you may not be ready to or have the time to take on yourself. We want to make sure your customers seamlessly adopt your business as their own by helping them understand your story.

Our Founder

After graduating with a double major bachelor degree in English and Theatre from Dalhousie University, Genevieve Coates started working in Customer Service focused roles across various industry. Now over 7 years later, she has worked in small businesses, start-up culture and for one of the largest global corporate enterprises, Salesforce. Her experience ranges from roles in Customer Service, Onboarding, Support Operations and Community Management. Regardless of role, Genevieve has always been known as an individual that gets work done by thinking outside of the box and using a variety of approaches to achieve the necessary goals.

To learn more about Genevieve’s past work please visit www.genevievecoates.com